The project which started off 25 years ago in a historical shed with an injection mould machine is a worldwide operating company today, with subsidiaries in Europe, China and the USA.

We were able to grow rapidly due to our adaptability; because we listen and react. And because we make use of opportunities wherever they arise. Over the past few years we have created a structural basis for further growth.

The two major topics, "Components" and "Solar", are being pursued by means of independently managed subsidiaries, which nevertheless work in close collaboration with one another.

By dividing the individual activities of the FATH Group, we have created a secure basis for the future and achieved the greatest possible proximity to our target markets.  As our customer you are able to additionally benefit from our international purchasing and production network. We are convinced that in this way we are best able to maintain the balance between price, quality and responsibility.

Therefore each company within the FATH Group is a reliable and simultaneously flexible counterpart in your business.